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Hi folks and thanks for visiting my page. On this site I will try to tell you some information's about me. As you can see my call sign is S50DX and my name is Alex (short for Aleksander). I was born in Slovenj Gradec, 2. December 1974. I have finished Electro tehnical school and at present I am working in small computer engineering SEDAJ d.o.o.

My old call was S57MHA.
Since 20.05.2005 I am working as S50DX.
I live in Slovenia in central Europa. Slovenia is located South from Austria (OE), North from Croatia (9A), East from Italy (I) and West from Hungary (HG). Slovenia was one of republics in Yugoslavia and now is independent country since 1991. Total population in Slovenia is about 2.000.000 people and it is 20.251km2 big. Our highest mountain is Triglav (2863m).
My town is called Ravne na Koroskem (grid. JN76LN) and it is in North Slovenia about 5 Km South from Austria and about 60 Km. North-East from Ljubljana our capital city. Ravne is well know from our iron factory and a lot of our high quality steel is exported all over the world - Europe, Middle East, USA (New York, Cleveland, Chicago...) and also Canada, China...
In this town lives about 8.800 people and here around are also few smaller towns, so all together would be about 20.000 people. Ravne is in a wally surrounded with quite high hills. In South we have Urslja gora (1696m - JN76LL) this is our most common DX location for contests on VHF, UHF and SHF. In North is Strojna (cca. 1000m), in East is Koroski Selovec (cca. 950m) and on west is Peca (2100m). And here is also small lake called Ivarcko jezero. We have also beautiful sky places around here, one is only 5min from my QTH. If you like winter or summer you can always find anything interesting to do.

I have stared to work on the bands in 1986 on 27 MHz (CB). There I got also good experiences in DXing on SSB and in 1989 I got my first license for 2m band. By that time I couldn't get my own call sign because I was to young and I had to wait 2 years to get my own call sign. And the same year I also got license for Short Wave and since then I am QRV on all HF and VHF bands from my QTH.

Working CQ WW 2004 (MOHP) as S54K
ITU 28 - JN76LN - WAZ 15